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1) NOTHING SAYS LOVE AS SWEETLY AS TREATS In my debut novel, Shattered Blue, the heroine Noa and the mysterious Callum bond over, among other things, a delicious game involving salt-water taffy. Inspired by Ninja’s love for all things yum-related (we all know those pleading doggy eyes!) 2) BIG SISTERS AND LITTLE SISTERS ARE [...]

Words: My Valentine

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words like hands smooth down and over skin, finger-dip the shallow scoop of belly-button (windblown sand: warm stars, hot land) words this ribbon (silk and black) circle lips inside the wrist, dark with shine I’m theirs, they’re mine: Bound, never going back.

Go Ask Alice

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Go ask Alice, she’s got a tale to tell you can find her in the back shelf in the dark. Take her home, her covers seeping into your hands, and in secret, hold your breath and read. But with the opening cover, an opening world one which can never be shut again— you can burn [...]


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You slip like a fish silver-darting in that circular cyclone of minnow-eat-minnow. If I touched you, I think you would peel like scales (green and grey), and they would grow into a mountain under my shaking fingers. I would climb you, sticking my pinky between your papery fish-bones, and pry my way up and up [...]


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I dream of balloons: full of air, pushing outward, skin taut with life. I dream in colors—reds and greens, saffron gold. I watch them rise higher and higher, until suddenly, they must pop. What is it like to live inside someone’s memory? Pieces only, improper vignette. Pages of me are lost, torn out, never printed. [...]

Imaginary Friends

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Winner of the Edward Eager Memorial Prize for fiction in 2006 Sarah liked sappy, depressing songs. It wasn’t that she herself was depressed— it was that she simply liked to be reminded of what being depressed was all about. It made her feel smaller somehow. Less important. Less alive. In fact, sometimes Sarah wondered if she [...]

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