I was so honored this #GivingTuesday to receive photos of children in underfunded schools around the US enjoying Shattered Blue—all thanks to the amazing work of Save the Children. I feel incredibly blessed to play even a small part in the promotion of reading in the places that need it most, and I am beyond grateful to Save the Children for choosing my book to help make that happen. I fell in love with reading at such a young age, and I know how books can truly open new worlds—if only we have the access to them. Thank you, Save the Children, for making this wonderful author dream come true, and for making my little book an ambassador for the pastime I love the most.

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Here are some of the schools Save the Children & Shattered Blue have helped!

(descriptions from Save the Children):


Buckhorn Children and Family Services is a residential and therapeutic foster care facility in Perry County that serves about 100 abused and neglected children ages 13-17.   Their education is provided by Perry County School District. Their website states, “These children have been placed in our care due to significant abuse, trauma, and/or neglect issues.”   It describes their facility as: A HIDDEN SANCTUARY: Located deep in the mountains of Appalachia, Buckhorn Children & Family Services offers Kentucky’s most abused and neglected children a place to heal in safety and peace. The Perry County Public Library Children’s Librarian tries to take books to the facility when possible as their makeshift library is in poor condition.

Hazard Independent Schools Youth Services Center (located in Perry County)- Helen Wicker, the Youth Services Center Director for Hazard Independent Schools, expressed a desire for books for middle and high school students who are in need.  Some of their high school students do a project each year to put together Thanksgiving baskets for families and also use their own money to purchase holiday gifts for middle school students in need.


Amite County- This school values any literacy resources given, especially since they have only a small local library that closes extremely early. It is important to place books in the hands of students, such as Shattered Blue. This donation will benefit students at the Elementary and Middle School by broadening their horizons of fantasy and myths and placing a book in their hands that otherwise they may not be exposed to. Exposure to literature is key in this area- where many students never even leave the district.

East Marion- This school promotes literacy and appreciates any donations that further their goal of seeing students excel in their reading achievement. Several copies of this book will be placed in the Guided Independent Reading Program (GIRP) rooms and a copy will also be given to all middle school teachers. We will encourage teachers to give a book talk about Shattered Blue to students- we believe that by previewing the book with students and reading a small excerpt- that interest will be sparked for students to read this book on their own.


Antonito, Co. is a very poor community with a population of about 800 people. They have moved from a very old school into a brand-new school this year. Through Save the Children and the IAL grant, we have been able to saturate their new library with books for grades k-6, but books for high school students are very limited and greatly needed.


Lobelville- does not have a bookstore within 80 miles of school. The main library is extremely small and open only a few days and hours each week. This would also get the children off of the computer and put something into their hands to feel and touch and enjoy as well. Lastly, this school does not have a school library or librarian at all. The classrooms, school and the district have a very limited supply of and access to books for the children. For the most part, almost all the books they do have primarily came from Save the Children and gifts from our partners.