I can’t believe that 2017 is coming to an end soon! This year is flying by! In case you missed it, the Renegade Red audiobook was released this month! You can snag your copy here. To make sure you always hear this news and other announcements first, be sure to subscribe to my newsletter, The Light Letter, and stay tuned on all my social channels. There were a ton of outstanding Destination photos coming in this month, Renegade Red and Shattered Blue were spotted in Italy, seeing The Cursed Child in London, and right in front of the Eiffel Tower in Paris! I love seeing all the new places the Light Trilogy visits, I hope to see even more coming in this month.


The Renegade #Audiophile giveaway has come to an end but the brand new Renegade Red #PixiePilgrim giveaway is starting NOW! This new giveaway will run throughout all of November with plenty of ways to enter to win the new Renegade Red Audiobook and a surprise Funko Pop! More on this new giveaway in a few, first let’s congratulate the Renegade #Audiophile giveaway winner!




Congratulations, Theresa! Please email me at thelighttrilogy@yahoo.com with your mailing address within 24 hours to claim your prizes.


Now it is time for the brand new Renegade Red #PixiePilgrim giveaway!


pixiepilgrim giveaway (1)


Didn’t win this time? Don’t fret! The brand new Renegade Red #PixiePilgrim Giveaway starts NOW! This month you have a chance to win the new Renegade Red audiobook and a surprise Funko Pop! As always, this giveaway is international friendly and you can absolutely win again if you have won other giveaways in the past. This is another rafflecopter giveaway with plenty of ways to win, so get those entries in early and often! The Renegade Red #PixiePilgrim Giveaway is ready for your entries so start spreading the word now. Best of luck and Fae fortune to you all!