Red Torment
An invasion of your deepest privacy as they use your memories against you
Warping your memory as a whim for there own amusement
Developed are these beasts in this horrible display as a sleek smile plays across there lips swelling with pride at there deadly and evil craft…
Not all use this for evil as most are not powerful enough
For the ones who are beware for they can make you see horrible darkness isolation and death

Aurora’s Redemption
A beautiful and magical place never seen by a mortals eye
It holds many secrets as a rebellion spikes underground
Tremors of betrayal shook causing the kingdom to split in half …
Spikes jagged and deadly were soon targeted at the kings back as anger beckoned to the color fae reminding them of there oppression
Insanity and caution turned them into puppets believing assaination and death would be there salvation
There was nothing they were afraid of anymore as everyone suited up prepared for redemption but once the king replaced would things really be better?

Soul Sucker
Tethered to this monster as it slowly swalled the last bit of soul
Evil and deadly as tendrils wrapped around trying to suck you in
Cold as ice it required life of whoever used it to balance out the affects…
A dark scar branded to the skin as a permanent reminder that it would soon claim you as its prize
You have two options allow it to swallow you whole or perform the unthinkable sacrifice a mortal in your place to a fate possibly worse than death as no one knew what dwelled in the Inbetween
Balance is the main key to control the Inbetween never use this deadly portal for at anytime you could be claimed to the unknowing and evil Inbetween

He was broken and deadly to everyone he came across so guarded and angry for all he had been through
His soul was strong because of his hardships turning any innocence into ice and steel
The only thing he really cared about was his mother and brother …
He silently blamed himself for all the misfortune his family suffered
Darkness surrounded him as a hall of mirrors appeared playing all his mistakes in front of him driving him closer to the edge with each passing moment
He knew his mother broken beyond repair and his brother inconsolable as he blamed everything on him
If the world would continue to conspire against him why not conspire against the world?

Broken family
After the loss of her beautiful daughter and her oldest son banished for her murder a crime he didn’t commit
The kings wrath was never quenched as his paranoia grew and all colored fae were punished
He humiliated his family after the blue son banished tossing there mother and the red son aside…
Now with a new family solid his old one fell apart left in shambles as all his promises were a lie
One thing was needed and that was the ring belonging to his mother the last symbol of there daughter who’d passed even that seemed impossible and out of reach as the red son stood alone watching everything being torn apart

Clear Fae Hunters
Handpicked by the king are these evil hunters manipulating the gift of other fae for there benefits
Oppressive and uncaring as they grip you tight stealing your powers for personal gain
Dangerous and monstrous they seemed as all fae feared what they would unleash …
Unknowing and overbearing anxiety ripped the fae apart
Power hungry and ruthlessness were there only friends whispering the thoughts of past discretions to fuel them until nothing was left but a cold hollow shell where there soul once lingered

A poets Isolation
Alone she felt even with all the people she could touch around her
Invisible when her sister was alive and now more so even in her death
Fear swept through and hit like a tsunami as the darkness swept in waves taking away her oxygen …
Finding an escape was impossible as the jagged edges scraped across her palms leaving her hands frozen and numb
Nothing cut through the darkness and as she sat alone forgotten and foreshadowed a hand outstretched saving her from isolation offering her a voice and redemption

Love and Friendship
He was her rock and protector and now she needed him more than ever she lost a loved one and a mysterious tall dark handsome stranger has stepped into her life changing it forever
Without his support and happiness in her life she would be sucked into a deep abyss of tears and isolation
Confusion surged through him as he needed to choose if his love for her was great enough to help another man win her heart…
Fear spread through her that he would leave there friendship in the dust turning away leaving her to the horrors of her mind
Both afraid to lose everything took a breath and did there best to face the music

A Lover’s Despair
As he gazed at her he felt a compulsion to keep her safe and protect her shattered poets soul
Seeing her with someone so dangerous and mysterious put him in great pain and fear
For he was the one she should’ve fallen for …
Why couldn’t she see how desperately he wanted to help her and being with her would open a door no one else would ever know
A private secret for just the two of them but that was not his destiny or her choice for she loved another so he kept this secret to himself and silently protected her from afar

Deceitful Talisman
The object would bind there split souls together as this bracelet was made he remained unaware of the way to be with a mortal
Realization hit and sucked him in like a black hole his sacrifice was unnecessary and if he’d known more about his kind the outcome would be different
Instead he foolishly trusted bad fae in desperate need for guidance to be with the broken poet he so longed for…
When the answer was right in front of him for the most pure form of magic is two lovers forever and truly in love

Loyal and sassy she has been there for support and to push the survivor poet to her limitations
She is also the shoulder to cry on in difficult times of loss and love
Loyal and underbearing opposing the other protector while they find balance to work together to keep the poets soul safe …
She must be careful at all times for the poets soul and heart are fractured in great danger of falling apart

A good friend and protector of her poets soul
He was there to help pick up the pieces of her shattered heart as she lost her sister and then again as her lover avoided her
He hid a secret deep and personal the truth on why he did everything he secretly loved her the girl who was perfect for him in every way but unfortunately she shared her soul with another and stayed out of reach lost to him forever

Invisible Girl
No one saw her for there minds only yearned to see the girl who had disappeared from there lives
Pain shattered her as her mother crumpled for the daughter who was gone
She disappeared farther into the abyss forgotten as she dives farther into darkness …
Loneliness threatening to take away her last breath as a spark of light shines through dissipating the darkness and a hand outstretched to save her bringing her to a new life where she shone bright no longer the invisible girl

Another Broken Law
So many rules had been instilled since childhood but none of them mattered now as he stared into her curious grey eyes as all of the secrets of Aurora came tumbling out
This was the biggest law broken telling a mortal of the other realm existing parallel to there own he was so excited it took everything for him not to shout
This was what he needed another to understand and help him get through the pain he sheltered alone …
He felt they were two beings sharing a broken and shattered poets soul
So similar and yet so different with a sigh he knew this was the final step and he had given up his life in Aurora for his special poets soul

Two halves one soul
Understanding and silent desperation buzzed through them as they stared into the soul of the other
Neither really knew these feelings that brewed but as they sat with there eyes locked it didn’t matter as they felt they had known each other forever
Neither knew what would come next but it didn’t matter as long as they could sit and stare for eternity at the eyes of there shared soul

Demonic and evil lies inside it unyielding and harsh to anyone unfortunate enough to be trapped inside it
Ordinary to the eye as deadly flames get a chance to take hold and u r forced to admit defeat
Unknown to most unfortunately not all as it tore through an innocent child with a ravenous spirit …
Fae fear it as magic does not work to stop it and when torment sorrow and pain came knocking at his door he foolishly opened it and lost his heart and joy forever

Lost Child
High spirited and unique was this child who died to young
Cheery and good at everything she tried the energetic spit fire ventured out to see the world
She was the apple of her parents eye …
One night she made the mistake of venturing out to far and lost her life forever
The darkness and void of her leaving this world was a weight that crushed her family an inch away from insanity and oblivion
She could no longer be the glue that attached her family’s lives together
The realization almost demolished the sanity the family gained and all she could do was watch from afar as her death slowly tore her family apart

Conflicting Feelings
Fire singed with pain and desperation burned deep within her a great loss she had to overcome to keep her family together
Struggling with emotions as she tried to understand the crumbling world around her
The dark isolation grew lighter as a candle of hope could be seen he understood her as they were two halves sharing one soul …
But a new problem arrived into her life as the darkness was starting to reclaim her
She knew how she felt about her other half but this opposite jagged broken soul was almost a living poem and now conflict clouded her judgement as only one question came to mind would there love everything be the same?

Two Innocent Souls
Both suffer a cruel fate for crimes they aren’t guilty of
One man accused of adultery and betrayal to the green fae queen whom in secret he was in love
Never had he dishonored her or his friendship with the king…
The other a young man who took the blame to save his brothers soul
For this turn of misfortune and accidents had turned his heart into a black hole as fragile and dark as charcoal
So one man bitter while the other hopeful had no choice but to accept punishment and depart for the mortal realm never to be seen or heard from again

Blue Brothers Sacrifice
Her death was his fault but he took the fall taking the suffering away from them all
He knew he could be saved and would not make her lose another child
He accepted his punishment with a smile for he knew that Judah would be saved …
With a heavy heart he said goodbye his father to angry for what he’d done never watched him leave
Judah flooded with guilt and shame could only stand a hollow shell and with a last farewell stepped through into the mortal realm

Unloved Red Son
A darkness and anger surged for he knew his father never loved him the second born son
Effort was wasted so he tried no more
Instead he swore to settle the score courage and anger running like adrenaline through his body …
As his choice had been made to join the fightbto take down king Darius with freedom in sight

Green Fae Betrayal
It was not a betrayal for she did nothing to dishonor her family
She unknowing of his growing jealousy and mistrust until far to late
Panic and rage seared her soul these emotions were not her own …
Light surged through as she tried to right this terrible wrong
She tried hard but he knew as he stared at her disbelief and betrayal in his eyes she’d then known as he looked subdued that a man innocent and committing no crime would be banished never to see Aurora again

A kings Tyranny
Heartache, loss, betrayal, and paranoia were his only emotions overthrowing any chance of logic and thought that could save the kingdom from a terrible plot
He ruled with a harsh iron fist unyielding to better the land and fair Aurora soon began to crumble to sand
Rebellions and alliances soon formed true terror dawning past the blue green shore as a new dawn approached filled with war and death

Devilish and adventurous was this girl loves by everyone who came across her with a mischievous gleam searching for all the answers the kingdom was hiding
She was the light of his life and the apple of her father’s eye she seemed perfect in every way
Her life was stopped short and everyone mourned for she was gone never to return with everything falling apart

Healers and Torture
Blue sons born for healing and compassion turned enemy by the king
Now weapons for torturing
Blood and misery churned in these fae as he continued to rain leader of Aurora …
Freedom becoming a fantasy as the charisma and aura died each day
This evil king must be stopped as this power is to much
For this is our kingdom and the people are taking it back

Color vs Clear
When the secret of the clear Faes powers were out all of the kingdom shocked
The clear fae towered over Aurora like a dark rain cloud ready to burst
The kingdom took a dark turn everything changing for the worst with bloodshed and death following

Clear Fae King
Lies exposed of there powers sparking anger and arrogance in the king
Blood soaked rebellion was already running rampet through the kingdom
now crazed with power and arrogance none of the fae were safe from his wrath terrifying them to the core…
This angered his children poisoning the affection they once bore
What was once peace and beauty was how darkness and fear that would soon tear apart everything the fae held dear

The confession
Comprehension was impossible as questions and curiosity swirled like a tornado clouding her mind
Realization struck that she was right he was of a different kind scared and shocked she should’ve been but all that came up was happiness and Glee for now she knew that she was free and so was he and together they now were before the storm could dare appear

Two faces of the Fae
Normally compassionate and kind not wanting to hurt
Anyone morality seeping out of his skin
Do not be fooled for Fae always have two faces …
For deep within there souls lies a darkness that is never quenched
Ready to snap if what they want they could not have
So be careful for behind every smile or laugh is a beast
Waiting for its turn for control