“The strong, active storyline and deft worldbuilding help override potential reader fatigue, and YA fans will be hooked by Noa’s badassery. A bloody, action-stuffed rescue mission in the supernatural world of the Fae.”
Kirkus Reviews, Visit Site
“Twisted in so many ways and when you think you know what’s going on, you have no idea… I wanted to scream and I wanted to throw the book… Mind-blowing! Your heart will stop and it will shatter. I am still trying to pick up the pieces.”
Socially Awkward Bookworm, Visit site

“Heart breaking and intense…I loved it even as my heart was breaking…truly an imaginative, poetic read”

Poetry on every page. Horowitz paints pure beauty with her tangle of heart stopping words. The Light Trilogy is magic typeset.

E.J Mellow, (Author of The Dreamland Series)
“Lauren Bird Horowitz has done it again! She’s given us another hauntingly beautiful, lyrical masterpiece that keep us holding on to the very last word. Renegade Red doesn’t sound like other fairy tales, it doesn’t read like them, flow like them, it’s immersive, raw, emotional.”
Michaela Whitney, Goodreads

“8 YA Books You Won’t Be Able to Put Down This Winter.”

“Underground labyrinths, legions of armies, fierce tyrants and deadly magic realms — do we have your attention? The explosive second book of The Light Trilogy series is an enchanting literary adventure all readers need to treat their imaginations to this year.”

Brit+Co., Visit Website

A must read

VOYA Magazine

“Filled with beautiful poetry as the brave Noa takes on the dangers of being human…The imagery Horowitz unleashes on her readers is completely intoxicating.”

Barbara Hunt,